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About Katelyn Prisco Photography a Sarasota photographer

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Random Tidbits

A Jersey girl at heart, my family and friends are number one. My husband is an incredible chef and restaurant owner here in downtown Sarasota. We have the best son in the world, Harrison Grey. My whole world revolves around them.

sarasota wedding photographer

Sarasota Wedding Photographer Katelyn Prisco Photography

Why Photography

As a child I always had a camera in my hand and attempted to document everything and everyone around me. I was bored out of my mind in college with every major I looked into and the idea of a corporate job made me ill.

Then there was that random day at the park. While I was taking photos of my friend's daughter playing, a woman asked me how much I would charge to take photos of her children. BAM!!! The gears in my mind where on a roll...and so was I.

Sarasota Wedding Photographer Katelyn Prisco Photography

My Style

I offer a personal experience from the beginning. Whether you're seasoned in front of the camera or this is your first time with a professional, I'll strive to make our time together fun and carefree.

I truly enjoy getting to know new people. Your stories, memories, family....everything that's made you who you are.  I hope to be the person that captures exactly that---who you are. 

I'm available at anytime to answer any questions you may have, and I greatly look forward to meeting you!